SimpleInvoicer – is a complete electronic invoicing and ordering solution for business.


SimpleInvoicer is a complete solution for electronic documents (Invoices, Orders, Bill of Landing) creation and exchange between business.

Based on OASIS UBL 2.x standard (uses SimpleUBL library) SimpleInvoicer handles electronic business documents in any ERP, Accounting or CRM system (Microsoft Dynamics, SAP, Infor, SAGE, Quickbooks, etc).

SimpleInvoicer in action

You will be able to import/export your business documents in a document containing both UBL and PDF standard with electronic signature. Business parties will be able to import the UBL 2.x document, print PDF or do both very simple and easy.


  • UBL 2.x (OIO UBL, NES UBL and other UBL subsets) documents is fully supported.
  • Integration of SimpleInvoicer is technically simple, so with the help of your ERP system integrator you can be ready to make steps into e-business within few hours.
  • SimpleInvoicer is pre-integrated application. So it’s easy to connect it to any ERP or other system in few hours. PDF are generated in layout recommended by UN trade documents .
  • EU Law and tax compliant solution.
    • 2001/115/EC – the directive on VAT and electronic invoicing;
    • 2000/31/EC – the directive on electronic commerce;
    • 1999/93/EC – the directive on electronic signatures.
  • Low cost solution for e-business.
  • Documents are signed electronically so can be sent by email, ftp, web service, etc.
  • The product is currently available in English. But we can translate it to any language you need.
  • Interoperability between different ERP systems.

As a receiver you benefit from:

  • Reducing work by not having to manually enter invoices into your system and also eliminating human errors
  • The potential of systematic application of invoice control, for example by transferring the invoices to your invoice acceptance system or by automatically accepting certain invoices according to business rules
  • The potential of resource redeployment
  • It’s your choice to print or integrate, because of the file containing PDF and UBL

As a sender you benefit from:

  • Being able to transfer invoices faster and more often
  • The potential for shortened payment cycle and improved cash flow
  • You’re sending the mix of PDF and UBL so it’s definitely going to be read

Supported ERP systems

ERP and accounting systems of these vendors are fully supported: SAP, Oracle Applications, Infor Global Solutions, The Sage Group, Microsoft Dynamics (Formerly Microsoft Business Solutions), Unit 4 Agresso, CDC Software, Lawson Software, Epicor, Visma, Industrial and Financial Systems (IFS), QAD, Consona Corporation, COA Solutions Ltd, NetSuite, ABAS Software, Ramco Systems, SIV.AG. If you can’t find your ERP vendor in this list, don’t worry it’s also supported.


How it works:

  1. User works as usually with his ERP or other system
  2. SimpleInvoicer takes business documents from ERP (or other any data source), creates PDF and UBL documents.
  3. Signs both document
  4. Sends via E-mail, FTP, Web Service or any other way
  5. SimpleInvoicer on receiver side checks signatures and UBL validity
  6. User imports UBL 2.x document into his ERP or any other system also his able to view Signed PDF or print it

Download SimpleInvoicer for QuickBooks.

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