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Dycode Software is the information technology company, developing and implementing various IT solutions in Europe and other markets. The company employs people with successful experience of their fields of expertise.

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Dycode Software develops software and services making e-business more versatile and more commonly used Worldwide. Our goal is to bring e-business benefits for small and medium sized companies (SMEs). To reach our goal we base our solutions on Universal Business Language standard (UBL). Such solutions should make adopt e-business benefits for today’s business more easily and simpler.

Our product SimpleUBL is designed for developing in the .NET, C++ or COM Automated application. It can easy be integrated in most common ERP systems and other solutions and services where is a need of UBL use. For more information please contact us. You can find all the contact information in Contact Us section

The Dycode® brand and SimpleUBL are either registered trademarks or trademarks of Dycode Software.


Language – is our way to communicate between people, nations and countries. But there’s so many of them in our world, that knowing only your own language is not enough. So people began learning most popular languages like English and Spanish, so they could express themselves and understand each other.

The same problem exists in business today. New technologies made business to function more effective and easier, but that’s not enough – there was no common language business could share. So world decided to make one…

First was EDI, but it was too complicated and expensive to use and as a result it was adopted by few big companies and their partners. Smaller companies who couldn’t afford it, was banned from business, lost their partners and markets.

So in 2000’s OASIS intended to create e-business standard which could be easily adopted, integrated to any system and most important – universal (not made for specific industry).

As a result in 2004 the Universal Business Language was born. After few years UBL 2.0 came with 31 document supported. Therefore to understand the success and potential of this standard it was adopted by most European governments.

We think that use of standardized e-documents will boost today’s business to expand and capture new markets, avoid unnecessary mistakes and save millions on paper.


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