Dycode SimpleUBL UBL 2.0 Class Library

Status Class


The information relevant to a condition or a position of an object.

Public Instance Constructors

Status Constructor Default constructor.
Status Copy Constructor Copy constructor. (Only C++)

Public Instance Properties

Property UBL 2.0 Description
ConditionCode0..1 Condition Code. A code specifying the status condition of the related object. (Ex: UN/ECE Rec 24)
ReferenceDate0..1 Date. A reference date value for this status.
ReferenceTime0..1 Time. A reference time value for this status.
Description0..1 Description. A textual description of this status.
StatusReasonCode0..1 Status Reason Code. A code specifying a reason for a status condition.
StatusReason0..1 Reason. The reason, expressed as text, for this status condition or position.
SequenceID0..1 Sequence. A unique identifier of the sequence of this status.
Text0..1 Text. Provides any textual information related to this status.
IndicationIndicator0..1 Indicator. Specifies an indicator relevant to a specific status.
Percent0..1 Percent. Specifies a percentage relevant to a specific status.

Public Operators

Operator=Overloading of Assignment Operator. (Only C++)

Thread Safety

Public static members of this type are safe for multithreaded operations. Instance members are not guaranteed to be thread-safe.

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