Dycode SimpleUBL UBL 2.0 Class Library

CatalogueLine Class


The basic element of Catalogue; something that can be bought.

Public Instance Constructors

CatalogueLine Constructor Default constructor.
CatalogueLine Copy Constructor Copy constructor. (Only C++)
CatalogueLine Constructor with required values Constructor with required values. (Only C++, .NET)

Public Instance Properties

Property UBL 2.0 Description
ID1 Identifier. A unique instance identifier for the line in this Catalogue document. (Ex: "1")
ActionCode0..1 Action Code. Code indicating the action required for this item to synchronize with external repositories. (Ex: "Replace", "Update", "Delete","Add")
LifeCycleStatusCode0..1 Life Cycle Status Code. Code indicating availability of this line. (Ex: "new - announcement only", "new and available", "deleted - announcement only")
ContractSubdivision0..1 Contract Subdivision. Identifies a subdivision of a contract or tender. (Ex: "Installation", "Phase One", Support and Maintenance")
Notes0..n Note. Free-text note used for non-structured information about the line in the specific Catalogue document (intended to be human readable).
OrderableIndicator0..1 Indicator. Indicates whether the line is orderable (that is, not just for information only). (Ex: TRUE means orderable, FALSE means not orderable)
OrderableUnit0..1 Unit. The unit that can be ordered.
ContentUnitQuantity0..1 Content Unit. The quantity of the order unit of measure of the line. (Ex: If order unit measure identifier is "each", then content unit quantity is "1".)
OrderQuantityIncrementNumeric0..1 Order Quantity Increment. The number of items that can set the order quantity increments.
MinimumOrderQuantity0..1 Order Quantity. The minimum amount of items that can be ordered. (Ex: "10 boxes")
MaximumOrderQuantity0..1 Order Quantity. The maximum amount of items that can be ordered. (Ex: "1 tonne")
WarrantyInformations0..n Information. Information regarding the warranty for the good or service. Warranty may be provided by any Party (can be described in the association to Warranty Party). (Ex: "Unless specified otherwise and in addition to any rights the Customer may have under statute, Dell warrants to the Customer that Dell branded Products (excluding third party products and software), will be free from defects in materials and workmanship a)
PackLevelCode0..1 Pack Level Code. The level of packaging involved. (Ex: "level 2", "Group 4")
ContractorCustomerParty0..1 Customer Party. The Customer Party responsible for the contract to which the Catalogue relates.
SellerSupplierParty0..1 Supplier Party. An association to Seller of the item.
WarrantyParty0..1 Party. The party responsible for the Warranty.
WarrantyValidityPeriod0..1 Period. The period for which the Warranty is valid.
LineValidityPeriod0..1 Period. The period for which the Catalogue Line is valid.
ItemComparisons0..n Item Comparison. An association to comparative details for this Item.
ComponentRelatedItems0..n Related Item. An association that describes any catalogue items that may be components of this Item.
AccessoryRelatedItems0..n Related Item. An association that describes any catalogue items that may be optional accessories to this Item.
RequiredRelatedItems0..n Related Item. An association that describes any catalogue items that may be required for this Item.
ReplacementRelatedItems0..n Related Item. An association that describes any catalogue items that may be replacements for this Item.
ComplementaryRelatedItems0..n Related Item. An association that describes any catalogue items that may complement this Item.
RequiredItemLocationQuantities0..n Item Location Quantity. An association to the description of properties related to locations and quantities of the Item.
DocumentReferences0..n Document Reference. An association to Document Reference.
Item1 Item. An association to the Item itself.

Public Operators

Operator=Overloading of Assignment Operator. (Only C++)

Thread Safety

Public static members of this type are safe for multithreaded operations. Instance members are not guaranteed to be thread-safe.

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