Dycode SimpleUBL UBL 2.0 Class Library

BillOfLading.Notes Property

Contains any free-form text pertinent to the entire document or to the document message itself. This element may contain notes or any other similar information that is not contained explicitly in another structure.

Text Notes

//Gets a 'Note' entry.

Text getNote(int index);

//Add a new 'Note' entry.

void addNote(Text note);

//Add a new 'Note' entry. (Only C++, .NET)

void addNote(string note);

//Removes a 'Note' entry.

void removeNote(int index);

//Removes all 'Note' entries.

void clearNotes();

//Gets the number of 'Note' entries in the container object.

int getNoteCount();


Dictionary entry name
BillOfLading. Note. Text

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