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BillOfLading.DeclaredCarriageValueAmount Property

Value, declared by the shipper or his agent solely for the purpose of varying the carrier's level of liability from that provided in the contract of carriage, in case of loss or damage to goods or delayed delivery.

Amount DeclaredCarriageValueAmount

// Gets a 'DeclaredCarriageValueAmount' entry.

Amount getDeclaredCarriageValueAmount();

// Sets a 'DeclaredCarriageValueAmount' entry.

void setDeclaredCarriageValueAmount(Amount declaredCarriageValueAmount);

// Sets a 'DeclaredCarriageValueAmount' entry. (Only C++)

void setDeclaredCarriageValueAmount(decimal declaredCarriageValueAmount ,string currencyID);

// Determines whether 'DeclaredCarriageValueAmount' entry is set.

bool isDeclaredCarriageValueAmountSet();


Dictionary entry name
BillOfLading. DeclaredCarriageValueAmount. Amount

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