Dycode SimpleUBL UBL 2.0 Class Library

BillOfLading.CarrierAssignedID Property

Reference number assigned by a carrier or its agent to identify a specific shipment such as a booking reference number when cargo space is reserved prior to loading.

Identifier CarrierAssignedID

// Gets a 'CarrierAssignedID' entry.

Identifier getCarrierAssignedID();

// Sets a 'CarrierAssignedID' entry.

void setCarrierAssignedID(Identifier carrierAssignedID);

// Sets a 'CarrierAssignedID' entry. (Only C++)

void setCarrierAssignedID(string carrierAssignedID);

// Determines whether 'CarrierAssignedID' entry is set.

bool isCarrierAssignedIDSet();


Dictionary entry name
BillOfLading. CarrierAssignedID. Identifier

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